Make Training Your Dog FUN!

While at a recent seminar we talked a lot about how owners might be intimidated by dog training. You may have found your way to Delaware Valley Dog Training Philadelphia with worries about how effective training will be, how long it will take, or uncertainty about addressing specific behavioral problems. You may have a tight schedule without a lot of room for training. Or you may have been working with your dog for a long time to no avail and you’re at the end of your rope because training has become a frustrating chore – it is no longer fun.

Delaware Valley Dog Training Philadelphia makes training fun for both dogs and owners!If you find yourself sympathizing with any of the above, welcome to Delaware Valley Dog Training Philadelphia! We specialize in helping you learn how to train, so that you can take our knowledge and apply it to your interactions with your dog. By giving you a helping hand and the tools you need to succeed, we work with you to make dog training fun again. Our expert dog trainer knows it can get frustrating to work for a long time and not get results, but we are confident and knowledgeable in addressing any behavioral problems, starting from puppyhood to the golden years.

We first schedule an in-person consolation to get to know both you and your dog and work with you to fix up a training schedule that works for you and addresses your needs. Then, we do in-home training sessions to teach you new ways to approach training or problems. There’s no reason dog training can’t be simple, easy, and fun for you – if you’re enjoying your time spent with your dog, you won’t even notice the time spent training!

Give us a call today at 215.607.7508 to talk about your training schedule options.