Why Our Philadelphia Dog Trainers Work with Vets

We receive a lot of referrals from vets who are providing care to dogs who have behavioral problems. Sometimes it’s these problems that have brought the dog to the animal hospital in the first place. A good example of this would be a dog who suffers from aggression and hurts themselves as a result. The vets we work with share our belief that a dog is never so set in its ways that training can’t be of any benefit; they also share our belief that giving a dog up to a shelter or to another person because of their behavioral issues is never the only option.

Our Philadelphia dog training programs keep dogs happy and healthy!

A well behaved dog is a healthy dog!

The relationship we have with veterinarians is beneficial for both us and the vets. Our training benefits from getting a complete picture of the dog’s circumstances, which includes their health history and current treatment plans. Vets benefit from our relationship because a well-behaved dog will be living a healthier life free of risks and the injuries that can result, ensuring they have a life-long client.

It’s truly sad when a dog’s behavioral issues prevent them from going to the vet, just ask our colleague a dog trainer in Houston. Going to the vet for things like vaccinations and check-ups should be easy, not an event laden with stress and worry for the dog and their owner just because of the dog’s behavioral problems. Our goal is to be sure that no dog is at risk simply because they can’t make a routine trip to the vet. When a vet refers us a dog for training, they notice that the dog is more easygoing and calm usually after just one or two training sessions!

Our training method has been successful for nearly three decades. We offer a commitment-based training that focuses on results, meaning training isn’t over in a set number of lessons; we work with your dog until all of our training goals are attained. Delaware Valley Dog Training works in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas providing in-home training for both adult dogs and puppies.

We can make avoiding the vet because of your dog’s behavioral issues a thing of the past. No dog should be at risk of harm or injury because of lack of training. We have experience with dogs suffering from anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity and a number of other issues. Call us at 215.607.7508, or send us an email using our contact form. We have a staff of behavioral specialists that are ready to hear your story and determine the best plan of action for your situation.

Let us take the stress out of visits to the vet! We look forward to hearing from you.