Dog Training for New Parents

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Dog Training For New Parents in South Philadelphia and South Jersey

Congratulations on your new baby! As a new or expecting parent, we know that one of the most stressful parts of bringing your new baby home can be introducing them to your fur baby! We created the Cribs and Canines dog training program especially for new parents so you don’t need to worry about how your dog will react to having a new family member.

Why Cribs & Canines?

Even before your baby comes home, our professional dog trainers can work to refresh your dog’s manners and correct any obedience problems, such as jumping, nipping, aggression, or rough play that could cause harm to a pregnant mom or baby. We also help the dog become comfortable and well-behaved in situations it’s likely to experience with a new baby, such as the baby’s presence, walking nicely beside a stroller, being gentle, staying calm while your attention is focused elsewhere, and leaving baby’s toys alone (or playing nice when baby decides it wants the dogs toys!). Your dog will become adjusted to life with a new baby without any of the inconsistency, anxiety, or stress that sometimes leads dogs to act out or behave badly when a baby is brought home.

The Cribs and Canines program makes it easier for both your dog and you to transition into your new life with both a baby and a dog! It also helps you learn how to communicate consistently with your dog to create a structured environment that will benefit you both even long after baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Get Started Today!

The Cribs and Canines program is offered to expecting, new, and current parents who struggle with their dog’s behavior toward their children. We want your entire family to thrive and grow together! Call us at 215.607.7508 or send us an email to set up your initial in-home consultation


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dog training for new parents
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