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Few things in the world are as cute as puppies! But as any puppy owner knows, they’re not just all fun and games—they’re lots of work! It’s important to get started with puppy training early and properly because dogs have a critical period of development between eight to sixteen weeks. Puppy training also helps prevent and deal with frustrating puppy behaviors like chewing and housebreaking and is one of the best ways to avoid behavioral problems later in life.

Our in-home puppy training program is specifically designed for puppies aged 16 weeks and younger. Unlike many of the standard puppy training programs, our puppy training is taught by professionally certified, experienced dog trainers—the same ones we use to train adult dogs or work with dogs that have severe behavioral issues. The training program is customized to your puppy’s special temperament and personality along with your lifestyle and schedule. During puppy training, we’ll work on:

  • Housebreaking your puppy
  • Communicating clearly and consistently with your puppy
  • Understanding your puppy’s body language
  • Preventing excessive behaviors such as chewing and barking
  • Exercising properly
  • Socializing properly
  • Teaching your puppy calm behavior

Often, people express concerns that by doing an in-home training program for their puppy, their dog will miss out on important socialization experiences that group classes provide. Socialization is important, but it’s critical that it is done properly. Bad experiences have just as much of an impact on a puppy as good experiences and can lead to things like fear-based aggression. Our trainer will provide you with the knowledge and skills to better understand what high-quality socialization looks like so you can ensure your puppy’s early socialization experiences are positive ones!


One of the best benefits you’ll receive from working with Delaware Valley Dog Training is unlimited access and follow-up from our trainer. Most puppy classes don’t have the time or experience to address individual issues or personally answer questions. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of training. With Delaware Valley, we tailor the program to your puppy and are always a phone call away if questions or problems arise!

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How to Get Started

If you are ready to get started training your new puppy, give us a call at 215.607.7508 or send us an email here

We can’t wait to help you and your puppy!


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